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  • Created: Aug 11, 2016

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This GPS tracker project is a portable device that uses the Global Positioning System to mark its location at a regular interval. A data of GPS information will be stored in the memory storage within the device. The recorded data information is then displayed against a map backdrop analysing the recorded track using a GPS tracking software.

This project is a GPS tracker program with data logging capacity. The BS2P microcontroller is used to interface with GPS Module, JP Module and LCD display. The code used on this project is a standard PBasic 2.5. It can record GPS data to the SD card with latitude and longitude information. The data can be processed to Google Map through gps visualizer. If you have Google Earth installed, the data can also be processed into a KML file (Google earth data file format).

An FPC Connector is used in this project to provide more flexibility for the LCD display connection. The device is a small package which is useful for hiking, mountaineering, and other travel related applications. The user can wear the device or simply install it to a vehicle for convenience.

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EDAC Electronics

My name is Mark Barrie. I am the Managing Director of EDAC Electronics Australasia. For 26 years plus we have been marketing remote monitoring, control and alarming equipment in Australia and New Zealand. Our website is if you would like to have a look. I am currently looking for new product to bring to our market. I look forward to hearing from anyone with a new product they would like help taking it to the market.

Posted: Aug 16, 2016



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