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  • Microcontroller Based Alarm Clock with LCD Display

  • Created: May 30, 2016

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This project is a simple digital clock based on a SST89E54RDA microcontroller, which features an alarm function. An alarm clock is primarily used to make a loud alert signal at a specified time. The circuit uses a 16x2 LCD module to display the time and has several push buttons for clock and alarm setup.

To set the clock time or the alarm, button S5 (SET_TIME/ALARM) is toggled. At the first toggle, the user will be prompted to set the clock time and on the second toggle, the user will be prompted to set the alarm. To select either the SET TIME or SET ALARM function, the button S4 (START/OK) is pushed. Configuring the hour and minute value would be up to the S1 (SET_HR) and S2 (SET_MIN) buttons. When pushed, these buttons increment the existing values and restarts when maximum value is reached. The hour value would increment from 01 to 12 and the minute value would increment from 00 to 59. The button S3 (AM_PM_SELECT) is used to select whether the time inputted is on AM or PM. After the entire configuration is done, the S4 (START/OK) will be again pushed for the circuit to exit on display mode. The buzzer sounds when the scheduled alarm time is reached. An alarm can be cancelled or turned off by pushing button S4 during display mode.

This circuit can be used to awaken people from their sleep. This can also be used as reminders in short breaks or alarms in cooking. The circuit can also be configured with a relay circuit to trigger larger buzzers or electric bells to produce louder sounds.



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