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  • Microcontroller-Controlled LED Wall Washer

  • Created: Sep 05, 2017

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Wall Washer is a lighting device used for illuminating walls, building surfaces, museums and galleries. It is used to create spaces lighter, make a room brighter and make a place visually higher.

The design consists of LEDs, which are controlled by a microcontroller. The LEDs are connected to the I/O pins of the microcontroller to generate an output. The microcontroller can be programmed to light the LEDs in a manner the user wants. The designer can use different color combinations and effects can also be associated.

To furnish the design of the wall washer, LED holders can be utilized. The Lumawise LED holders from TE Connectivity have great features for this use. They are very easy to install and are solderless. To use the LUMAWISE LED Holder, the user must also use surface mount, no lead LEDs. The assembled LEDs with the holders are then screwed and arranged in a line on a rack and are placed into walls, ceilings and gardens to highlight the area.



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