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  • Mini I/O Network Cable Tester

  • Created: May 01, 2015

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A cable tester is a gadget that utilizes the use of a compact size mini I/O connector of TE connectivity that features two points of contact interface with latching feature. This device is used to test the quality and network of a specific type of cable. There are various distinctive sorts of cable testers, each able to test a specific type of cable or wire.

This circuit is comprised of 555 timer, and a decade counter. It also makes use of TE connectivity's mini I/O connector that provides two points of contact for increased reliability in high vibration environments. The decade counter is responsible for clocking while the 555 timer generates PWM. These two components will work through the cable and the mini I/O secures the connection for testing.

This design is suitable for the quality assurance of cabling system that is common to industrial controls, motion controls, PLC's and robotics providing innovative and time-saving wire-termination, space saving, and reliable I/O solution for industrial environments. The TE's industrial mini I/O connector is only one quarter the size of the conventional RJ45 plug, and as a result provides space saving and the flexibility to use limited space on the PCB more effectively. Designed with two points of contact, this connector is built for the stringent demands of an industrial and high-vibration environment, enabling increased productivity through a reliable connection. With its innovative piercing termination, the mini I/O field installable version decreases the time usually needed to terminate the wires through soldering, and with an easy to use hand tool the field assembly in virtually any environment is now possible.



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