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  • Miniaturized Solar Tracker

  • Created: May 24, 2016

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The development of alternative power source as substitute to conventional one has drastically aid both industries and consumers in providing free energy. The reference design is a miniaturized solar tracker using MCP6001UT-I/OT from Microchip Technology. The MCP6001UT-I/OT is specifically designed for general-purpose applications. It has a 1 MHz gain bandwidth product (GBWP) and 90° phase margin (typical). The reference design uses NORPS-12 LDR and a small DC motor ROB-12285 from SparkFun Electronics.

The reference design function as tracker to the solar radiation activity. The MCP6001UT-I/OT is used as voltage comparator in the circuit. The LDR functions as sensor to the intensity of solar radiation. The circuit has four-output state. First output state is when both LDR has the same resistance and both comparators output low, thus resulting no difference in voltage in both op-amp and giving no output to the motor. The second output state is when U1 will output higher than U2, in this state Q1 and Q4 will saturate resulting to clockwise rotation of the motor. The third state is when U2’s output is higher than U1 Q2 and Q3 will saturate, thus resulting to a counterclockwise rotation of the motor. The fourth output state takes place when both comparators output HIGH, saturating Q1 and Q2 resulting no current flow to the motor. The RV1 sets the reference voltage for the U1 and U2.

The MCP6001UT-I/OT is design to powered up with a power supply range of 1.8V to 6.0V, thus the use of P7805-Q24-S5-S voltage regulator is needed to output a 5V supply. The MCP6001UT-I/OT can be applied in automotive, portable equipment, photodiode amplifier, and analog filter designs.



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