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  • MKV10Z32VFM7 Based Orientation Sensor

  • Created: Jan 18, 2016

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The MKV10Z32VFM7 device belongs to the Kinetis KV1x MCU family under V series. It is based on an ARM Cortex-M0+ core that runs at 75MHz. The hardware square root and divide capability of the MKV10Z32VFM7 enables the device to perform well in math-intensive applications. Paired with a 14-bit/8-bit digital accelerometer (MMA8451QR1), this combination allows detection of motion, freefall, transient, tap, or orientation. The MMA8451QR1 is a smart, low power, three-axis, capacitive, micromachined accelerometer with 14 bits of resolution.

An orientation sensor tells us if the device with a sensor is tilted to the left, right, up or down direction. In this reference design, the combination of MKV10Z32VFM7 and MMA8451QR1 is designed to function as an orientation sensor. The MMA8451QR1 detects the orientation and sends the information to the MKV10Z32VFM7 microcontroller over the I2C bus. As the device is tilted to the left or downward direction, the LEDs start to turn ON from LED11 to LED18 direction depending on the angle that the device is tilted. If the device is tilted to the right or upward direction, the LEDs will turn ON from LED18 to LED11.

The whole system is powered by a 3.3VDC power supply. The low power feature of the MKV10Z32VFM7 and MMA8451QR1 devices makes them ideal to be integrated in systems that require orientation sensing with low power consumption. Though the combination of MKV10Z32VFM7 and MMA8451QR1 is used as an orientation sensor in this reference design, this combination can still be improved to support other applications. It can be used in applications such as e-compass, motion sensor for power saving devices, shock and vibration monitoring, user interface, etc.