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  • MM912F634DV1AE - Simple Automatic Sliding Door

  • Created: Oct 22, 2015

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Nowadays, automated designed doors are mostly installed everywhere, whether it’s on offices, stores, malls, hotels, and even on homes. Users highly prefer automated doors because of the convenience it provides. The project above is about a simple automatic sliding door based on Freescale’s MM912F634DV1AE, an integrated S12 based relay driver. The circuit is also comprised of infrared (IR) sensors and a motor.

The IR sensors in the circuit are used to detect people approaching the door. These are installed in the front and the back part of the door and measures up to 300cm. When the IR sensor detects someone in front of it, it outputs an analog voltage above a set threshold. This output is then transmitted to ADC pins of the MM912F634DV1AE (PTB1 and PTB2). The MM912F634DV1AE basically controls the motor, through its LSx pins (LS1 and LS2), to open and close the door. A Stay_Open Mode is also included in the design, where it acts as an interrupt to the system when S2 is toggled to make the door stay open. The system goes back to its normal operation when the user presses S2 again. A LED is switched ON when in Stay_Open Mode as an indicator to the users.

The application of the MM912F634DV1AE device is not only limited to this kind of circuits. Because of its LIN functionality, the device can be optimized in automotive applications such as window lift, seat control, and sunroof control.



What is the intent of D2 in the project? If it's to suppress back EMF from each relay then it is miss drawn in its location. Best, Dr. Bob

Posted: Jan 05, 2016

Freescale Semi

Hi Dr. Bob, thanks for viewing our projects. D2 is a reverse polarity diode implemented to protect the low-side driver from potential damage.

Posted: Jan 17, 2016



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