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  • Mobile Air Pollution Meter Using Arduino Uno With Ethernet Shield

  • Created: Feb 12, 2017

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Air pollution had become a huge problem in our environment. It’s affecting people living in smog air cities and workers in tight closed industries. Air pollution is the cause of burning things or combustion, industrial chemicals, and toxic gasses. These gasses that contaminates the air are harmful to people, plants, and animals, which can damage the health and agriculture. The design is an air pollution meter that can be viewed in a smartphone.

The circuit uses an Arduino UNO and Ethernet shield to connect it to a mobile device for its data-monitoring meter. The Arduino UNO is connected with a particle dust sensor (SDS011), Gas sensor (MQ-135), and a temperature and humidity sensor (DHT11). The PM2.5 sensor senses the quality of the air in terms of Air Quality Index (AQI). The AQI is a table of air pollution levels with health implications and cautionary statements per levels. The MQ-135 is a gas sensor that is used for detecting hazardous gases like ammonia, alcohol, benzene, smoke, and CO2. The temperature and humidity sensor detects the humidity and temperature. The Arduino is supplied by the +12V DC connection connected before the +5V regulator. The LM7805 5V regulator regulates the supply for the all the sensors. The Arduino Ethernet shield is placed on top of the Arduino UNO to have access to Internet connectivity. Relays are connected to the Arduino for add features in switching lights and fans for air quality control in an enclose space. When the air quality goes to a certain limit of pollution, the fans could exhaust out the air inside. The data is send to a smartphone where, it can be monitored anywhere using IP address and Internet connection.

The design is suitable in enclosed areas that can be prone to polluted and hazardous air. It is also added with fan and lights automated control when air quality is critical that is usable in enclosed room that need control systems in air management.