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  • Modular Phono Preamplifier

  • Created: Sep 03, 2014

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Amplification is important especially in audio applications. It allows the information signal to drive a speaker, which in effect produces the sound that corresponds to the electrical signal. This module comprises also an independent dual rail power supply identical to that described in the Modular Preamplifier Control Center.

The MCP601 operational amplifier (op amp) has a gain bandwidth product of 2.8MHz with low typical operating current of 230µA and an offset voltage that is less than 2mV. The MCP601 uses Microchip's advanced CMOS technology, which provides low bias current, high-speed operation, high open-loop gain, and rail-to-rail output swing. The MCP601 operates with a single supply voltage that can be as low as 2.7V, while drawing less than 325 of quiescent current. The MCP601 is available in standard 8-lead PDIP, SOIC, TSSOP and 5-lead SOT-23A packages. This amplifier is ideal for industrial process control, low-power battery-operated devices, portable equipment, data acquisition equipment, test equipment and low-end audio applications.

This circuit offers features such as high input overload capability, accurate reproduction of the RIAA equalization curve, and very low distortion of the information signal; this is brought about by a two-stage op-amp circuitry wherein the RIAA equalization network is divided into two halves. The input stage is connected in series feedback configuration to carry out the bass-boost part of the RIAA Equalization curve. The second stage enables the treble-cut portion of the curve through a second op-amp connected in shunt-feedback configuration.



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