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  • Motorcycle LED light [invalid]

  • Created: Jun 20, 2015

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Two schematics for motorcycle auxiliary LED lights. Light will be switched on/off whenever motorcycle ignition is switched on. Schematic assumes that you already have switched source for +12V.

Light switch has three positions:
* LED's on
* LED's off
* LED's on with high beam

Materials needed (for second schematics):
* wire splice connector - 2pc
* bullets or crimp connectors for led lights - 4 pcs male, 4 pcs female
* automotive 5 lead relay - 1 pcs
* switch on-off-on - 1pcs (tumber swich with rubber cover will do)
* disconnect terminals, isolated - 13 pcs, red
* ring of fork terminal - 2pcs
* automotive fuse holder & fuse
* wires, 18 gauge (0.82 mm2; diamter 1 mm) for power less than 5A
* wires, 16 gauge for power more than 5A and lengt of wire more than 25 in (60cm)
(get different colors so its easier to build. As minimum you should have at least black and red. ideally there would be: red, black, green, yellow, blue, white)
* roll of electrical tape (black is good)
* heat-shrink tubing

* solder iron
* multimeter or old-school test light (multimeter is preferred)
* wire stripper
* electrical screwdriver
* crimpers
* heat source (for heat-shrink tubin)
* elecrical drill (for securing tumbler to dashboard)
* stanley knife
* cutting pliers



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