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  • Multipurpose MCU-AVR Frequency Meters

  • Created: Aug 26, 2014

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The design is used take frequency rate situated on microcontrollers AVR. It can handle high frequency input which depends on the chip being used. The design uses frequencies that generates 9.5 digit resolution which would be enough for digital meter reading.

The circuit is comprised of AT90S2313-10 8-bit microcontroller that is capable of 10MIPS throughput at 10MHz chip configuration. The 74HC4060DB-Q100 device is a 14-stage ripple counter with oscillator that is used primarily on frequency measurement and it is capable of 30MHz clocking rate. The 74AHC02PW device is a Quad 2-input NOR gate that is used to drive the on-chip16 bit counter of the MCU acting as a multiplexer with either output of the prescaler or directly from the output of the buffer. The output of a prescaler is in frequency measurement mode and the output of the buffer is in counting mode.

This circuit is quite useful for embedded development. It monitors the capacity of MCU to perform operation. It is also an excellent option to evaluate MCU before using it to a project.



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