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  • Multipurpose Pedometer with Temperature Sensor

  • Created: Mar 30, 2015

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An active lifestyle is important in which it prevents people from getting ill while they're maintaining a healthy body. According to some experts, a correct exercise should be scheduled properly with right duration or number of moves. This design circuit features a pedometer that is included in a sensing platform of a Freescale Integrated Circuit (IC). It is compact that minimal external components are required. The sensing platform itself has its own flash and random access memory that can be used to handle more functions. The temperature sensor is also embedded to the system that needs no additional external temperature sensor. It has a dedicated 32-bit programmable microcontroller with 16-KB flash memory and 2-KB random access memory that can be used for different purposes. Its system has ROM-based flash controller and slave-port, command-line interpreter that can also help to some embedded development projects.

The design is comprised of MMA9553LR1 Freescale xtrinsic motion sensing platform that serves as the main component of the system. It monitors the step of an individual through the embedded pedometer of the system. It has a built-in temperature sensor that monitors either the surrounding temperature or the user's body temperature. It makes the user aware of the temperature so that they can provide the temperature limit preventing heatstroke and other related health problem. The LCD simply displays the data about the steps counting and temperature reading. The LC circuit serves as low pass filter while the discrete capacitors and resistors serves as stabilizers and pull-ups.

This design is applicable to some physical activity like jogging and running. It helps people monitor and ensure their activity. It is useful to people that undergo treatment requiring them to have daily exercises. It can still be modified in order to add more features.



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