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  • Offline Power Converter for High-Brightness LEDs Reference Design

  • Created: Sep 03, 2014

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The design is capable of driving multiple high-brightness LEDs with industrial and extended temperature range. It features flyback configuration which is common to AC line applications providing electrical isolation to the system. It is also capable of producing multiple output voltages on separate windings of the same transformer.

The circuit is comprised of PIC16HV785-E/SS 8-Bit CMOS microcontroller that serves as the main component of the system. It integrates the analog peripherals which builds the intelligent lighting system. The TC1401 0.5W GaAs Power FET is used as voltage switch that drives 2SK3767Q. The 2SK3767Q in a silicon N-channel MOSFET that handles the switching regulation. The DF06MDI bridge rectifier is used in voltage regulation that rectifies voltage signals from AC signal. The diodes are used for transient-voltage suppression, regulation, rectification and backflow protection. The capacitors and resistors are used for stabilization and dissipation.

This design is suitable for the improvements of power supply. It fits to a variety of high voltage applications both residential and commercial. It is also useful in industrial application where multiple voltage supply requirement is always expected.



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