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  • One Cylinder Small Engine Control

  • Created: Sep 16, 2015

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This reference design is a circuit board that allows the user to practice all the functions of the one cylinder small engine control IC. It consists of a MC33813 one cylinder small engine control IC, a USB to SPI Dongle interface, and power conditioning circuitry. A PC communicates to the EVB through a USB/SPI Dongle (KITUSBSPIDGLEVME) connected to the PC’s USB port. The Freescale SPIGen (version 7.0) program provides the user interface to the MC33813 SPI port and allows the user to send commands to the IC and receive status from the IC. All 5V VCC power required by the board is obtained from the MC33813 built-in power regulator. A 12V VBAT supply provides the power to the three internal voltage regulators.

This design uses MC33813 that is an engine control analog power IC intended for one cylinder motorcycle and other small engine control applications. The IC consists of five integrated low side drivers, two pre-drivers, a Variable Reluctance Sensor (VRS) input circuit, a voltage pre-regulator using an external pass transistor and two 5V internal regulators, one for the MCU VCC supply and the other for use as a protected sensor supply. Also included is an MCU reset control circuit with watchdog, an ISO 9141 K-Line interface for diagnostic communication and a Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI). The five low side drivers are intended for driving a fuel injector, a lamp, two relays or other loads and a tachometer. The pre-driver is intended to drive IGBT or MOSFET transistors to control ignition coils, and/or a HEGO heater. The device is packaged in a 48 pin LQFP with an exposed pad.

This circuit is suitable for users that are interested in designing a control application for a small engine; consolidate/integrate multiple functions into a single IC, and innovating from a mechanical to an electrical engine control system.



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