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  • Optical Lasermodem

  • Created: Feb 25, 2017

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This project is a type of modem that uses laser to communicate over an optical channel. It will be connected to a computer’s COM port and can communicate between 1200 and 115200 bits per second through Infrared Data Association(IrDA) interface with laser diodes instead of standard infrared radiation.

The modem is comprised of CS8130 device that serves as the transceiver IC. It modulates and demodulates signals based on baud rate generated by external divisor value. The MAX562 device which is a line voltage converter was used to convert the computer’s ±12V signals into 0/5V range in order to communicate with the transceiver IC. The DTR and RTS lines of RS-232 are used for Reset and Data/Control of the transceiver IC, where also the laser diode and photodiode are connected. The laser diode transmits the signal while the photodiode receives the signal. The project uses voltage regulator to provide a stable 5 volts supply and current limited to 100mA which is just enough for driving the laser diode and the two Integrated Circuit.

The project is great since it demonstrates the possibility of achieving a 115200bps data transfer rate. The concept could still be improved to meet the current requirement of data transfer rate. It is also beneficial for the development of communication system.



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