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  • Optimized Solar Power Digital Signal Control

  • Created: Apr 16, 2015

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This simple design features a solar energy charging and powering system in which analog signals are converted to digital for more efficient control over the system. It has compact component that integrates with the functionality of a microcontroller and a very efficient digital signal controller. It has flexible set of peripherals with low cost solution suited for different applications. The storage part is able to withstand over 2A charge current with 6-bit charge current resolution. The voltage has charge accuracy of +/- 0.6% and 11-bit charge voltage resolution.

The design is comprised of MC56F8035VLD digital signal controller that interfaces power line IC to a charging IC. It monitors the charging status as well as the flow of direct AC supply with the use of inverters. The multichemistry battery charging IC provides the charging capability of the system while the energy generated by the solar panel is not in use. It charges a smart battery that has built-in Battery Management System (BMS). The powerline interface IC or power line data access arrangement IC provides the real-time metering and monitoring of the system. It is built with external LC filter that ensures the accuracy of the energy monitoring.

The design is applicable to low voltage and high voltage power management system like the different types of solar energy system. It is useful to Switched-Mode Power Supply (SMPS), portable equipment with rechargeable batteries, handset car kits, and some of the consumer electronics devices. It is also useful to the development of efficient energy management with optimum solutions.



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