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  • OTP Programming Socket for the PF Family of PMIC Devices

  • Created: Apr 29, 2015

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The reference design as shown is an KITPF0100SKTEVBE programming socket devices kit. The main function of the interface is to connect One-Time Programmable ICs using the KITPFPGMEVME programmer. It is a connector tool that features a QFN socket with 56 Pin which is used for programming the PF0x00 one-time programmable (OTP) registers in a stand alone PF0x00 parts using KITPFPGMEVME programmer. The KITPFPGMEVME programmer is a development design tool that aims to provide an easy configuration on the PF series devices. It also aims to facilitate prototyping and programming the device's OTP fuses.

The design used on-chip One Time Programmable (OTP) memory from the PF family devices, MMPF0100NPEP as an example. It utilizes the chip which is connected to the interface tool that is used in customizing the stored program or data of the said chip. The module has different ports that enables external components to be connected with the board and would perform the necessary functions. KITPF0100SKTEVBE uses a 2x4 port compatible to flat ribbon cable (8-conductor) as interface to external components.

KITPF0100SKTEVBE is useful interface in a wide variation of configuring microcontrollers such as the OTP and others. This can be used in tablets, IPTV, eReaders, Set Top Boxes, Industrial control, medical monitoring, home automation, alarm system, energy management and other more.



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