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  • Parallel bus to I2C-bus controller

  • Created: Jan 27, 2014

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The PCA9564 is a parallel-bus to I2C-bus protocol converter and interface by NXP Semiconductors. The PCA9564 Evaluation Board demonstrates the Philips PCA9564 I2C bus controller’s ability to interface between a master (connected to its parallel bus and its control signals) and any master and slave devices connected to its I2C -bus.

The evaluation board is populated with the following devices and functions: Philips P89LV51RD2 microcontroller connected to the PCA9564 8-bit parallel port and control signals. It is used as the master controlling the other devices on the board with the embedded firmware. It can also be used as a slave device with an appropriate program loaded. The Philips PCA9564 I2C-bus controller interfacing between the P89LV51RD2 and the I2C-bus. Philips PCA9531 I2C 8-bit LED dimmer used as an I2C target slave device for the P89LV51RD2/PCA9564. Philips P89LPC932 microcontroller connected to the I2C-bus. It can act as either a target slave device with the default P89LV51RD2 firmware programs or as a master connected to the I2C-bus through some stored user definable routines. Philips PCF85116, 16 kbits (2kB) I2C EEPROM used to store information that can be used by the evaluation board firmware. Philips PCA9554A I2C 8-bit GPIO acting as interface/keyboard between the user and the P89LV51RD2. Sipex SP3223 RS-232 transceiver allows the P89LV51RD2 and the P89LPC932 devices to be in-system programmed through a personal computer’s serial port.

The evaluation board can be used in different ways: Stand-alone mode with four default firmware programs stored in the P89LV51RD2 (master) and the P89LPC932 (slave). Programming the microcontroller(s) with compiled files (“Hex” files) through the ISP (In-System Programming) interface. A full flow using 8051 software development tools with C code generation or Assembler code generation. It can program debugging, compilation, and loading that targeted microcontroller to develop specific applications using the PCA9564 evaluation board and optional I2C devices daughter cards. It can use any emulator, microcontroller, microprocessor or DSP instead of the Philips P89LV51RD2.



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