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  • Password based Digital Locking System

  • Created: Mar 26, 2015

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This project is a password based digital locking system using a microcontroller. It is another type of security structure that asks users to enter a predefined password before allowing access to protected appliances, doors or other systems. The circuit utilizes the dynamic series connectors from TE connectivity to provide a reliable and strong connection in between components.

The design is primarily comprised of a microcontroller, an LCD interface, a matrix keypad and an electronic/electromechanical lock protected system. The dynamic series connectors provide connector solutions ranging from signal level circuitry up to power circuits. With the use of these connectors, disorganized wiring is avoided which makes circuit troubleshooting easy. In this password based digital locking system, the user is prompted to enter a password through the keypad, before allowing access. The entered password is sent to the microcontroller. Then, the microcontroller compares the entered password to the predefined password. If the passwords do not match, the red LED will glow and the LCD will display an error message. The user is required to press the reset button to enter a password again. If the passwords do match, the green LED will glow and the LCD will display a message "Successful Access". The microcontroller will then send a logic signal to unlock the protected system.

The design is very useful disallowing unauthorized persons gain access to the users' equipment. The design is applicable, but not limited to doors, gates, turnstiles, cabinets and moneyboxes.



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