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  • PC Thermometer Using D-sub Connector

  • Created: Sep 11, 2015

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One of the element in medical is the temperature, it prevents the buildup of humidity in the operating room, prevents the doctor and nurse from sweating while operating and refrigeration of medicines. In medical applications, reliability of the components is critical. The TE Connectivity D-sub connector has been accepted by the electronic industries for their rugged design and ease of application.

The circuit is a simple PC thermometer using the 5747840-6, a male D-sub connector of TE connectivity as a way of communication to the computer. The LM2936Z is a 5V regulator that provides input voltage to U1 and U2. The DS1621 (U1) is a digital thermometer and thermostat sensor, which indicates temperature for the device. The other DS1621 (U2) is optional for outside temperature monitor or a second reference source to be monitored. Software is used in the PC so that the temperature can be monitored in the PC’s screen.

The PC thermometer is applicable in situations where the room’s temperature is being monitored at a distance like in the operating room, blood bank, and other hospital applications.

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Software or a link to where it can be found might be considered a component for a project like this since it is largely useless without it. Does anyone have software for this? Builders keep in mind DS 1621 units are 9 bits and show temperature in half a degree increments.

Posted: Oct 28, 2015