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  • PCI-E Signal Repeater

  • Created: Aug 07, 2015

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This reference design introduces the use of signal repeaters of IDT that effectively maintain signal integrity in the system. Basically, when an information-bearing signal passes through a communication channel, it is progressively degraded due to loss of power. However, with this PCI-E signal repeater, signals are conditioned and boosted. Thus, delivering signal quality while offering simplified design.

This board features a 16-lane connection from a host through the repeaters to an end-point device installed in the PCIe slot. Any width adapter card, from a 1-lane SATA card to a 16-lane graphics accelerator, can be plugged into the top-edge PCIe slot. It contains 16 89HP0504PB PCI-E repeaters that compensate for PCB trace attenuation and ISI jitter. In addition, it has independent upstream and downstream configuration and works with passive trace cards to extend FR4 traces. It specifically drive long on-board traces, backplane traces and cables to external devices to ensure optimum system performance.

This device is well suited for applications such as computing, storage and communications. It is used basically by inserting it into a desktop PC or any server,then plugging an end point card into the 16-lane slot on top. The passive trace cards can be used to extend the data signal to emulate a planned system design.



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