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  • PCIe Interface for PC

  • Created: Mar 03, 2014

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This circuit is part of a VCARDs that are designed for dedicated graphic display applications. It shows the basic configuration of Personal Computer Hardware and functions. It is a generic type of a Processing Unit that handles display and manage image quality.

The design is comprised of PX1011B-EL1 device is a high-performance, low-power, single-lane PCI Express electrical PHYsical layer (PHY) that handles the protocol and signaling between FPGA and Motherboard. The FPGAs or Field-programmable gate arrays serves as the main processors of this designed circuit. It is configured to process data at very fast rate and control bidirectional data buses including I/Os for the display. The CBTL06122AHF device is a six-channel (‘hex’) multiplexer for DisplayPort and PCI Express Gen2 applications and provides four differential channels capable of switching and multiplexing applications. The PTN3361B device is a high-speed level shifter which converts four lanes of low-swing AC-coupled differential input signals to DVI v1.0 and HDMI v1.3a compliant open-drain current-steering differential output signals, up to 1.65 Gbit/s per lane and it is connected to a Hex Multiplexer.

The design is suitable for CPU development applications. It considers the cost of components. It is practical and efficient.



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