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  • PIC MCU with Optocouplers

  • Created: May 23, 2016

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The technology of control system especially in industries is rooted by embedded systems. This embedded system uses microcontroller (MCU) that act as the host controller. In this design, a PIC microcontroller is used that has enhanced flash memory with nanoWatt technology, high-performance PWM and A/D. It has also priority levels for interrupts and extended watchdog timer.

The design circuit is comprised of PIC18F4431 microcontroller that has inventive peripherals designed for a heavy duty applications like motor control and other electrical line control. The SW3 switch is used to trigger an external master clear input while SW1 and SW2 can set through firmware. These switches can be used in without the need of firmware manipulation. The optocouplers are used to isolate the MCU port from the power circuits for safety reasons. The low power operational amplifier is used to amplify signals from sensors that could possibly for fault monitoring since it is supposed to be connected to a fault interrupt pin that can also function as a typical digital I/O.

The design is applicable to industrial applications where high current applications are expected. It is also useful for DIY projects that require motor control and line control. The design circuit is not limited to AC motor control and high voltage or high current applications hence it can be simply modified that suits to low voltage and low current applications assuming some parts will be replaced or removed.



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