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  • PIC16F628 Based LC Meter

  • Created: Oct 18, 2016

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This design is a simple LC meter that accurately measures the inductance and capacitance. It has an auto ranging system, which can measure 10nH to 100mH range of inductance and 0.1pF to 900nF range of capacitance. The design specifically uses the PIC16F628A microcontroller of Microchip, which is 18-pin flash, based, 8-Bit CMOS microcontrollers with nanoWatt technology. It has an 8-level deep hardware stack with 35 single-word instructions. It has also high current sink/source for direct LED drive and watchdog timer with independent oscillator for reliable operation.

In the circuit, an LM311 IC is also used that functions as a frequency generator. It will act as a low frequency square wave oscillator whose frequency is set by the ratios of the 100kΩ resistors and the 47kΩ/10µF network. The unknown L or C will be measured using the frequency formula: f= 1/ (2*pi (√ L*C)), and a known value of either inductance or capacitance. The PIC16F628A microcontroller will calculate the unknown inductance or capacitance and will display the reading into the LCD.

LC meter is a type of electronic test equipment that is used to measure the inductance and capacitance of an electronic component. It provides a fast and easy reading of inductance and capacitance which saves time when working a complicated circuit.



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