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  • PIC16F84 based digital clock

  • Created: May 27, 2016

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Time is essential to our life; we depend on it for the work we do every day. This is why we need a time indicator like watches or clocks to monitor our work. There are varieties of clock designs; some are analog or digital driven by mechanical or electronic. This project is electronically driven digital clock that represents the time in digital numeral display using four seven-segment LEDs.

A lot of electronic clocks can be designed using different methods, depending on the creativity like logic gates. In this project, the PIC16F84 microcontroller is chosen to be the main component of the circuit. It only needs a power supply, a crystal oscillator, LEDs, resistors, capacitors, and push buttons to set the time. The four seven-segment displays are utilized and directly connected to the to the PIC16F84 eliminating the seven segment driver. The time is represented by the four seven-segment displaying the Hour and Minute only; a blinking LED represents the Second. Three push buttons are installed, one for reset and the other two for the Hour and Minute adjustments.

This design is just a simple application of the PIC16F84 microcontroller; this can be enhanced into more reliable and efficient product. This can be incorporated into any kinds of devices such as cars, radios, televisions, etc.

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Dear and appreciated, I would like to briefly describe the operation of this device and publish the HEX file of it. I've waited long ago this device ... God bless you! Thank you very much, Michal Gasparovic from Kisac

Posted: Jan 20, 2018



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