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  • PMSM Motor Drive System

  • Created: Oct 06, 2015

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This design from Fairchild is a motor drive system that provides total solution for PMSM (Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor) motor drive, auxiliary power, and motion control without the need of other hardware. It has a pre-programmed demonstration and is also suitable for plug and play evaluation.

The design is mainly composed of two circuits; the auxiliary power stage and the motor control/driving stage. In the auxiliary power stage, the flyback power supply with a 380Vac input voltage needs a breakdown voltage of >800V switching device. The FSL4110LRN meets this requirement. The FSL4110LRN is a 1000V SenseFET integrated power switch and is designed for high input voltage offline Switching Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) with minimal external components. To make the design more flexible, the circuit was designed to have three AC input options. The three wire, 3-phase AC input for conventional use. The two-wire voltage doubler rectifier can be used for places without 3phase power grid. The single-phase bridge input is used for evaluating the 600V Smart Power Module or SPM. The FHR1200 micro-power, ultra wide voltage regulator is also used in the circuit, which provide low voltage drop (Vce), enough to drive the FSL4110LRN FB pin directly. The circuits on the lower right drive cooling fans of the rectifiers and the SPM. To save power, the fans only run when the temperature reaches the threshold level. The motor control/ driving stage is mainly comprised of the IC motor controller, FCM8531, and a 1200V motion SPM 2 series module, FNA21012A, in which the PMSM motor is connected.

The input voltage range for the design is 220/380V. The maximum motor ratings allowed for the system is 1000W motor power and 540Vdc motor voltage. The design enables the user to evaluate the system as a whole and each functional block independently.



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