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  • Portable Device 12V & 24V Charger or Direct Supply

  • Created: Mar 29, 2016

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The electronics devices are DC supplied converted AC supply through converter or commonly called AC-DC power supply. This design features a generic circuit for AC-DC power supply with 12V and 24V output options. It makes use of Schottky bridge rectifier with 40V maximum recurrent peak reverse peak reverse voltage and 28V maximum RMS voltage.

The designs uses center tapped transformer that converts the 220V AC supply to 12.6V. The Schottky bridge rectifier producing a DC supply will rectify the 12.6V output. After the rectification, capacitors will act as filters that lessen AC ripples and helps in voltage regulation. The LDO regulator produces the ±12V DC supply that can be attached or connected to a particular load. The general-purpose diodes are connected between pin 1 and pin 2 of the regulator that is for protection while it is connected to a load and for fast switch off of power supply.

This design is applicable to several electronic devices that required 12V or 24V supply. It can be modified to reduce its cost and size like replacement of center tap transformer to single secondary winding. The design can be used in circuit evaluation with minimal required modification.



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