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  • Power Over Ethernet Adapter

  • Created: Nov 17, 2016

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The Power Over Ethernet (PoE) is a technology used for transmitting power to equipments in a network, using ethernet cables. This PoE is very advantageous, especially when connecting to equipments that are far from power sources. It also offers benefits such as time and cost saving, flexibility, safety, reliability and scalability. Today, the new network equipments are already having built-in PoE features. For non-PoE capable devices, they use the PoE Adapter.

The PoE adapter has two configuration types, the 'injector' and the 'splitter'. The injector collects the data and the power signals, and then injects it into a single ethernet cable. The splitter receives the data and the power from the injector, and then splits the data and power into separate routes. The design features the 2178126-2-jack Cloudsplitter connector from TE Connectivity. It is a single port RJ45 jack and is a surface mount type connector. The connector has 8 positions with a Cat5e performance category.

The diagram shows a non-PoE switch connecting to an isolated router. The injector, which is connected to an external DC supply, plugs into the switch. The data from the switch and the DC power is transmitted into a single ethernet cable by the injector. The splitter then receives the data and power. The splitter separates the data signals from the power signal. The data comes out from the splitter by an ethernet cable going into the router. The power flows through the DC male plug providing power supply to the router.

The splitter alone can be used when using a PoE switch, providing power to isolated devices. The PoE adapter applies, but is not limited to IP Cameras, IP Phones and wireless access points.



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