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  • Power Source from Solar Energy Charging

  • Created: Aug 29, 2014

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This project is designed to charge up battery from solar energy. It is build with DC booster circuit that rises up voltage. It features an efficiency of 60% and greater with input current limit protection. It is easy to interface with solar panels circuitry.

The solar panel contains photovoltaic cell that converts the solar radiation into direct current electricity. The TL497 device is a 500mA peak step up, step down, inverting switching voltage regulator that is used as DC-to-DC converter. The capacitors are used for voltage stability. The potentiometer or variable resistor controls the output voltage.

The project is ideal for self sufficient project design application.



Can you please provide me the procedure to build this and the proper list of components required. I'm a sophomore, and I would love to try this project. You can reply me here on my email address. I would really appreciate your assistance.

Posted: Dec 17, 2014

Neil Mula

Hi Maaz. You can simply click Open in Editor. Once you are in the editor you can see at the upper left of the editor Main Object Font BOM. Simply Click the BOM then you'll see the list of components used with part number and digikey partnumber. You can purchase it directly by just clicking the Order that will link you to digikey for project assembly purchase but I'm not sure if it is already working. In case if it is not still working, just go directly to digikey and enter the digikey part number one by one for easy searching. Hope it helps.

Posted: Dec 17, 2014



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