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  • Proximity Sensor-based Remote Control

  • Created: Jan 15, 2016

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The reference design being shown is an advanced universal remote control that implements 2.4Ghz wireless connectivity, proximity sensors capability and accelerometer functions pack in one single application. The proximity sensor-based remote control is an integrated device composed of an 8-bit MC13213 MCU that contains 60K of flash and 4KB of RAM with HCS08 core and a RF 802.15.4 modem. It also includes MMA7456L low-power 3-axis accelerometers that communicate via I2C/SPI and has a fast response time and a wide range of selectable sensitivity of ±2g, ±4g, and ±8g. The MC9S08QG8 for proximity sensing is being implemented via 10-element electrode keyboard handled by touch sensing software.

The full proximity sensor-based remote control is composed of the main board and a 10-element touchpad keyboard. The device and shape of PCB are to be enclosed in a small plastic. It is being supplied by a two-1.5V AAA batteries and uses power down state at standby mode. The device functions when MC13213 MCU reads the incoming data either from the touches recognized by MC9S08QG8 MCU or from the 3-axis angle information coming from the MMA7456L accelerometer via I2C connection and perform the relevant function. Then, the device will designate its current state by turning on a relevant LED on the board which can be a process of transmitting data via RF communication modem with a controlled device or just simply powering down and entering to standby mode. The state of the controlled device can be changed either by clockwise or counterclockwise finger movement on the touchpad or by tilting the device slowly either clockwise or counterclockwise.

The MC13213 MCU includes residential and commercial applications, specifically lightning control, security, access control, and automated meter reading (AMR). It is also applicable in industrial control like asset tracking and monitoring, process management, and environmental monitoring and control. It can be used also in-patient and fitness monitoring application.



probable typo above "lightning control" probably should be "lighting control".. If it really is lightning then I'm very interested.

Posted: Aug 24, 2017


A very good solution to be set up david madjrouh

Posted: Jun 25, 2018



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