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  • Radio Controlled Car

  • Created: Mar 16, 2017

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This reference design is a simple RC car circuit with minimal components. The circuit follows a line-like block diagram from the keypad to the motors. The controller block is comprised of the keypad, the encoder, and the RF transmitter respectively while the car block is comprised of the receiver, the decoder, the motor driver, and the motors respectively. Following the block diagram, when a command is executed by pressing the keypad, a signal will be passed on through these components until it reaches the motors.

Lets talk about the components mentioned above. First, the keypad, it is made up of four individual buttons (forward, reverse, right, and left) arranged accordingly. Which are wired to the data pins of the data pins (AD0 to AD3) of the encoder. The encoder then sends out a data through its pin (DOUT) to the pin (DIN) of the RF transmitter module operating at 433MHz. The RF transmitter sends out the encoded data signal through a TX antenna and received by the RX antenna. The RF receiver module takes the data through its pin (DATA). The encoded signals from the RX module are fed into the pin (DIN) of the decoder. Data signals are then decoded using the same address combination used in the encoder; otherwise the movement signals will be interpreted incorrectly. A four channel Bidirectional motor driver is used to drive the motor since heavy loads like motors cannot be driven directly from the decoder. Lastly, the motors, two simple DC motors are used for the movement, one is configured to move forward and backward while the other one is configured to steer the car left and right.

This project is a very common electronic machine. But this can be used further and can be incorporated on more complex projects for military, medical, factory, and other related applications.



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