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  • Rain Monitoring Circuit with Legacy MCU

  • Created: May 25, 2016

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This rain monitoring circuit produces an audible alarm that corresponds to a rain status (low, moderate, high, or very high). It uses SST89E58RDA-40-C-PIE a legacy microcontroller, which is a common MCU for embedded development. It is an 8-bit 8051-compatible microcontroller (MCU) with embedded superflash memory that runs up to 40MHz operating frequency. It has 1KByte internal RAM and dual block superflash EEPROM that can store configurations and possible additional features.

The design is comprised of an MCU with external oscillator, LCD, transistor, buzzer, and some passives. The rain monitoring is done through water level sensing in which each rain status has a designated transistor to be triggered. The rain status should have a designated alarm duration that can be configured through the MCU instructions. The MCU handles the instructions of the entire circuit while its external oscillator provides additional option of operating frequency. The LCD is used for visual monitoring that provides the details of rain monitoring. The buzzer is as an alarm. The variable resistor is for contrast adjustment of the LCD. The capacitors are used as filters while the resistors are used as voltage reference and current limiter.

This circuit is suitable for experiments that involve weather monitoring. It can be part of flood monitoring system that helps to protect people from possible catastrophe brought by heavy rain.



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