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  • Random Number Generator

  • Created: Oct 09, 2014

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This project demonstrates how to generate a random number using Microchip Technology’s SST89E516RD-40-C-PIE microcontroller. This project is simple and may not find any serious applications in embedded projects. It generates a random number in between 0 to 100 when the push button is pressed.

The circuit is using SST89E516RD-40-C-PIE 8051 microcontroller as the main component, 16x2 alphanumeric LCD, push button and few passive components. In the above circuit, push button is connected to P1.1 of the MCU. The LCD data pins are connected to the PORT2 (P2.0-2.7) of the microcontroller and control pins RS, RW, En are connected to P3.0, P3.1 and P3.2 respectively. The resistor R1 and capacitor C3 provides the reset circuit to the microcontroller. Here, the 10kΩ potentiometer, which is connected to the VSS, VEE and VDD pins of LCD, is used to control the contrast of LCD. By adjusting the resistance of the potentiometer, we can vary the contrast or brightness.

This project design using the SST89E516RD-40-C-PIE microcontroller is used in the applications where we need to generate random numbers. It is also used in noise generators and as an alternative for the traditional dice while playing the games like monopoly.



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