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  • RC Model Aircraft Motor Control Basics

  • Created: Aug 25, 2014

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The design is a small-scale aircraft motor control, which offers a lot of features. It optimized the design of aircraft with high performance speed controls and more advanced features in a small package. It also features the characteristic of being light weight, low ON resistance, safety motor start, gearbox protection, safety shutoff, battery eliminator circuit, low voltage shutdown, and PWM frequency is high. The design has also advanced features such as programmable throttle response and motor brake for propellers folding that reduce drag in gliders. The version 2 of the design has PC programmable throttle response allowing the user to customize the response to the radio system.

The design includes a PIC16F627AT-E/SO microcontroller, which is the main component of the entire system. It has MOSFETs such as IRF7307 device, which are HEXFETs with lowest possible on-resistance per silicon area and also it has fast switching speed and ruggedized device design. The IRF7456 device is a Switch-Mode-Power-Supplies (SMPS) MOSFET for high frequency DC-DC Converters with Synchronous Rectification. The LM2940S device is a positive voltage regulator that supplies the system. The BAT54 device is a Schottky diode that has low forward voltage and fast switching action.

The design offers a lot of features that makes it suitable to different applications. It has been tested where some problems are observed and solved. It is highly recommended for the development of aircraft design.



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