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Test Scenarios for Schematics Integration Testing


The scenarios outline a sequence of steps. At key points in the sequence observable items are defined.

Test each scenarios using different web browsers and its versions on Windows7/8 and MAC OS (Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari).

Take note the results for each scenario using the Schematics test-plan spreadsheet.

Test procedure is now divided into three set of 'Levels':

Level 1:</strong> Verify all of the core functionality of each tool, insure that main features are functional (2-3 hours)
Level 2:</strong> All level 1, but in additional focus on more involved aspects of the tool, more detailed levels of functionality (1 day)
Level 3:</strong> All of level 1 and 2, but then more exhaustive, including full tests of all supported browsers, verify detailed funcitonality of the tool, client, backend, etc. (2-3 days)

The scenarios are listed one per heading.

Test Servers

Aspen Labs maintains several test installation. The Aspen labs test server for schematics normal test flow is


*Please create an account and use it as the test account

Core Functions

Main Page

Insure that the main page of looks like this Click Here.


There is only one way to Login and arrive at the schematic editor page and this is thru the main page.

  • Insure you are logged out of the application
  • Navigate to the test site
  • Observe the Main page
  • Choose 'Sign in'
  • Enter credentials, click 'Sign in'
  • Observe that upper part of the page it should displays My Projects, Account and Logout

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