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  • RF Downlink LDMOS Wideband Power Amplifier

  • Created: Jun 29, 2015

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The increase of mobile phone user produces a great demand in Global System for Mobile communications (GSM) in which satellite transmitters and other type of telecommunication entities are now expanding to meet the demand. These transmitters make use of RF Power Amplifiers that convert the low power radio-frequency signal into a larger signal of significant power. It has on-chip matching that makes it usable from 728 to 960MHz frequency and multi-stage structure is rated 24V to 32V operation that also covers all typical cellular base station modulation formats. It is also design for digital predistortion error correction systems and optimized for doherty applications.

This design is already operational that it can be used to transmit signals in a regular telecommunication system. The design is comprised of capacitor filters and RC filters in which it reduces the noise signal before and after the power amplifier. The hybrid couplers equally divides the input power into two ports that improves the signal transmission because the two signals are on the same power prevent them from possible overlapping and inductions. The microstrips are not emphasized in the design but it helps a lot in the operation.

This innovation can help optimizing the GSM technology. It can improve the quality of telecommunication that most of us want to achieved. It can also help the different industries that transmit data remotely in a second.



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