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  • RJ45 Modular Jack Connectors with Pulse Transformers

  • Created: Mar 20, 2015

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A Registered Jack 45 (RJ45) connector is a standard type of connector for data communication that is commonly used for Ethernet cables and networks. The RJ45 connector is a modular plug used primarily for network cabling. The connector features eight pins to which the wire strands of a cable interface electrically. Standard RJ-45 pinouts define the arrangement of the individual wires needed when attaching connectors to a cable.

The connector is equipped with built-in insulation transformers and common mode choke coils, so it can withstand voltage up to 1.5 kV and can support 100Base-Tx and 10Base-T. A built-in key offers protection against insertion of 6- conductor type modular plug. A metal shield cover on the outer surface protects the connector against electromagnetic interference (EMI). There is no emission of any electrical noise on the connector since it has built-in optical indicators. This is not only a good connector, but also good for the environment since plating compounds is lead free.

The RJ45 connector is very useful in a wide variety of communications from notebook PC's to telecommunication hubs, routers, bridges, gateways and Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) communication. It is also very important in ethernet switches, networking equipment, office equipment, test and measurement of equipment.



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