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  • RN2903 LoRa Mote Long Range Transceiver

  • Created: Sep 08, 2016

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Transceiver devices have greatly aid to minimize the use of separate TX and RX modules. It also helps to reduce systems cost and can ensure well-established connection between devices or signals. The reference design is a transceiver that features RN2903 LoRa technology, which provides an easy to use solution for low power wireless data transmission application. This module follows the LoRaWAN class A protocol specifications, which is intended for battery operated things in regional, national or global network.

The LoRa Mote board can be powered using USB connection or battery. When powered by the USB connection, PIC18LF45K50 MCU will serve as an USB-to-UART bridge device. Second operation is powered using two AAA batteries. In this mode, the PIC18LF45K50 MCU can run custom functions and can directly issue commands to the module. The radio frequency signal paths are connected to the SMA edge connector the designated via through-hole point. The 868/915 MHz band of RF signal is transmitted through J3. The 433MHz low frequency RF signal is transmitted via through-hole point (RFL). Environmental data are measured by a light sensor (U4) and temperature sensor (U5). Two push buttons (S2 and S3) are provided for menu navigation and selection. Using LoRa technology modulation technique, RN2903 can achieve a receiver sensitivity of -146dBm. The high sensitivity combined with the integrated +18.5dBm output power amplifier is suitable for applications requiring extended range and robustness. The RN2903 provides 14 GPIO pins used for status LEDs, switches, and logic IOs. It can transmit/receive a range up to 15km coverage at sub-urban areas and 5km at urban areas.

Furthermore, automated meter reading, wireless alarm and security, industrial monitoring and control, machine-to-machine, and Internet of Things (IoT) are some other applications that are suitable for RN2903.



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