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  • RN52 Bluetooth Audio

  • Created: Apr 04, 2017

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With the advent of wireless communication, Bluetooth technology has gained popularity as a mode of transmitting data due to its simplicity and reliability in short-range wireless communication. The use of Bluetooth technology is advantageous in the sense that it eliminates the use of bulky cables. A lot of portable devices, nowadays, support wireless audio devices through Bluetooth such as car, stereo, mobile handset, computer mouse, headset, speaker, and more. This reference design is a Bluetooth Audio with mini-speakers using RN52 Bluetooth audio module from Microchip.

This reference design gets its power by connecting the mini-USB cable to the computer’s USB port. When the circuit is powered ON, the blue and red LEDs blink and the device is now discoverable. While the device is not yet paired, the blue LED will flash. After the device has already been paired, the red LED will flash. Once connected, the module enables Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) for audio playback and Audio Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP) for player control. When the Bluetooth module is connected to an audio source compatible with Bluetooth AVRCP, the audio control buttons are used to: control the volume output, go to previous track, go to next track, and start/stop playing the current track.

Additionally, a Serial Port Profile (SPP) link can be established by opening the virtual COM port available on the RN52 module from a PC over its Bluetooth device. When connecting to a PC using SPP, after the Bluetooth device manager completes pairing/connecting, it issues a message that the Bluetooth device is installed on COM port X where the specific COM port is unique to the user’s computer. After connecting successfully, the data can be transmitted and received on the Bluetooth COM port link.



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