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  • Rocking Horse (Rear-Entry Style Sex Machine)

  • Created: Jan 23, 2017

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Unlike traditional sex machines where the machine moves a dildo, this machine instead moves the user.


This machine has more to it mechanically than it does electrically. It converts 120v AC into 90v DC to power a large, 1/4 HP DC motor. The power converter also has a built in PWM speed controller, where the speed can be controlled by turning a rotary potentiometer.

The motor's shaft runs through a 10:1 ratio gearbox, giving a max output rpm of about 50. It's slow but powerful, capable of moving a few hundred pounds (which is what is was meant to do, the motor came from some sort of chiropractic machine).

While the motor is mounted to a stable base, the crankshaft it rotates connects to a padded covering suspended on rollers that the user sort of sits/lays on, assuming the doggy style position. An adjustable, but otherwise stationary arm extends out the rear, which supports a dildo, and while the dildo remains stationary while in use, the user is moved forward and back about 5 inches over the dildo.