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  • S08 Microcontroller Target Board

  • Created: May 08, 2015

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The design shown is a target board for S08 Microcontrollers (MCU), which features MC9S08SH32 MCU from Freescale. This S08 MCUs are 8-bit MCUs that are originally manufactured by Motorola and are descendants from the 6800-microprocessor series. Today, Freescale Semiconductor produces the S08 MCUs.

The S08 MCU target board is used for development and prototyping applications. The target board is mainly comprised of an S08 MCU, a serial port w/ RS232 DB9-S connector, LIN PHY with 2, 4-pos connectors, 5 LED indicators, 3 push buttons, light sensor circuit and 40-pin I/O connector. The target board runs with the codewarrior development studio and can be programmed through an integrated P&E BDM port. The MC9S08SH32 MCU has a 40MHz HCS08 Central Processing Unit (CPU) and supports up to 32 interrupt/reset sources. The MCU also features power saving modes and system protection such as low-voltage detection, illegal opcode detection, illegal address detection and flash block report.

The software for the target board comes with some demo programs, which the user can start with. The board can be used to develop applications for fire alarms, sensors, security systems and AC powered consumer goods.



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