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  • S12 MagniV Window Lift and Relay-based DC Motor Control

  • Created: Apr 16, 2015

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This is a reference design which features the S9S12VR64AF0MLC microcontroller (MCU), under the S12 MagniV MCU family from Freescale. In this design, advantages of the S12 MagniV 16-bit MCU are showcased for window lift and relay-based DC motor control applications. The circuit is simple with low amount of external components but has a high voltage capability.

The circuit is mainly comprised of a Local Interconnect Network (LIN) connector, Motor/Relay circuit, Hall Encoder port, switches and an MCU. The circuit is connected to external components such as a DC motor, Hall sensor, LIN and power supply for this application. The circuit drives the DC relay-based motor and features anti-pinch and window stall detection through the Hall effect encoder. The relay is diagnosed through the HVI wake up pins of the circuit.

The LIN capability of the design enables management of status and diagnostic reports. Switch status can be sent through LIN and the switch can be disabled by time or a LIN command. The window commands are controlled up and down by the slide switch. The operating voltage range for the circuit is from 8V - 18V.

The circuit can also be utilized for other applications other than power-operated window systems and relay based DC motor control. Such applications are roof panel systems, partition, smart actuators and space-constrained applications.



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