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  • SAS/SATA Signal Repeater

  • Created: Aug 02, 2015

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The Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) and Serial AT Attachment (SATA) technology both provides high-speed data transfer rate. Using the SATA III (revision 3.x) interface, data can travel up to 6Gbps. But just like in any communication links, the signal travelling across SAS/SATA interface degrades as the trace and cable lengths within a computer, storage or a communication system gets longer. Hence, redrivers/repeaters recondition the signal so that system receiver can get a reliable data.

The circuit in this reference design is an example of a SAS/SATA signal repeater. The 89HP0604SB redriver IC used in this circuit design conditions signal travelling at high-speed ranging from 1.5Gbps up to 6Gbps. This device reduces the effect of cable/trace attenuation and ISI jitter which in result extends the travel distance of a signal. The device has four half-duplex data lanes consisting an equalizer, amplifier, signal detector with glitch filter, as well as programmable output swing, slew rate and de-emphasis for each channel. The programmability feature of its channel allows optimization for each specific application.

The benefit of using 89HP0604SB signal repeater is that it extends cable lengths up to 10 meters and traces up to 65 inches in SAS/SATA applications. It boosts up design time by removing signal degradation issues. Also it improves system performance and reliability by minimizing bit error rates. This circuit can be used in applications like rack servers, SAS/SATA instrumentation, storage systems or in cabled SAS/SATA devices.



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