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  • SDP1000 High End Differential Pressure Sensor

  • Created: Mar 21, 2016

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The SDP1000-L is a low range differential pressure sensor for air and non-aggressive gases. It covers a measurement range of -20 to 500Pa (2” H2O) and provides an analog output voltage that ranges from 0.25 to 4V. The device requires 5V supply to digitally perform internal linearization and temperature compensation to the analog signal equivalent to the sensed pressure. This digital processing method results into a more accurate reading, outstanding resolution, and low temperature dependence of the SDP1000-L device.

The SDP1000-L device senses the pressure of an air or a non-aggressive gas and then converts the analog reading into a digital value by means of an internal analog-to-digital converter (ADC). After converting the analog signal, the digital signal will be linearized and temperature compensated by an internal digital processing circuit of the SDP1000-L. The processed digital signal will be converted back again into an analog form through the internal digital-to-analog converter (DAC) and then goes out to the OUT pin of the device. In this reference design, the output of the SDP1000-L device is connected to a circuit made up of op amps and resistors to translate the 0.25-4V output of the device into a 0-10V range. The voltage at the connected node of R7 and R8 with respect to ground (VOUT) is the difference between the output voltage of the SDP1000-L device and the output voltage of op amp U4A multiplied to the gain of the last op amp U4C.

The output of this reference design can be used as an input to an ADC or a microcontroller with built-in ADC to monitor air or non-aggressive gases pressure. The device can be directly mounted on a PCB and is not sensitive to any mounting orientation. The SDP1000 series is an ideal choice for demanding applications, such as medical, HVAC systems, automotive, and process automation.