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  • Self Calibrating X-Y Controller

  • Created: May 04, 2018

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This is the physical / hardware of a controller of 2 DC motors, using the H-Bridge (PWM-shield) of Arduino, in a configuration where the LCD-Keypad shield is being used.

The principle is that the potentiometers are controlled by the motors, and thereby these provides a servo system as the potentiometers are being read by the Arduino in form of a digital value between 0 and 1023. The actual value can be slightly different depending on the accuracy of the potentiometers.

The switches are put at the physical end of the journey, as a security measure.

Run the Arduino with Timed Interrupts, such that you, every so often, check the values from the potentiometers and then regulate the associated motor accordingly. It is not rocket science.

If you have questions you are welcome on E-mail xycontrol@rain.yt

The LDR's is for use with self configuration - and the Daylight LDR is for calibration of the LDR's for Year and Day on the XY-system.


This is an XY-motor controller using an Arduino Uno R3 and a H-Bridge, 2 potentiometers coupled to each their motor (for feed back). The feed back (Servo) is being programmed into the Arduino.



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