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  • Si8751 Isolated MOSFET Driver

  • Created: Jan 04, 2017

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This reference design features Si8751 isolated MOSFET driver, which paves a way to creating custom solid-state relay (SSR). This reference design is an evaluation of Silicon Labs’ Si8751 MOSFET driver. This driver supports up to 2.5kVRMS isolation rating forms the basis for full certification to UL, CSA, and VDE standards. This technology enables reduced variation with temperature and age, better part-to-part matching, and extremely high reliability.

This circuit is populated with Si8751 (digital input) version of MOSFET driver family. This also includes screw terminals for quick evaluation of the device's key parameters and also includes test points on each of the device’s pins to accommodate direct connection to the designer’s end system. This circuit supports either DC or AC switching. The Si8751 requires a 0.1uF bypass capacitor between VDD and GND. The capacitor should be placed as close as possible to the package. To enhance the robustness of a design, the user may also include a 1uF capacitor for bulk decoupling as well as a resistor (50–300Ω) in series with the input if the system is excessively noisy.

Since the Si8751 is qualified to the AEC-Q100 standard, it is suitable for automotive applications. Other applications of this design include mechanical relay, photo switch, or SSR replacement in motor control, valve control, HVAC relay, automotive, charging, battery monitoring, AC mains line switching, and more.



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