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  • Simple AC to DC Transformerless Power Supply

  • Created: Jan 29, 2015

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There are a lot of ways to achieve AC to DC conversion in which they are build for different purposes and applications. Majority of the power supplies uses transformer as its primary component that meets the AC voltage. It has its own purpose why they are build with transformer but in this design, transformer is not included. It is lighter in weight, dissipates less power, and lower heat generation.

The design make use of RC circuit as its front end circuit, but in different configuration in which the capacitor reduces the AC potentials as X rated capacitor from the direct AC main supply while the resistor act as a the bleeder resistor. The bridge rectifier diode provides the full wave rectification of the AC input before it will be filtered by a capacitor filter in parallel. After the filter capacitor, the voltage will now be regulated by a zener diode. The LED with current limiting resistor serves as the output indicator.

This design is suitable to handy equipment and portable devices since it is light weight. It is useful to embedded devices and even to embedded development because it reduces complexity due to its few components. It can be further study and developed for more improvements and increase in efficiency.



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