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  • Simple Car Park Monitoring System schematic Using Logic Gates

  • Created: Aug 13, 2015

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Parking space are important for drivers to park their cars. Parking lots are provided especially on malls, commercial establishments, offices and schools, but sometimes you find yourself driving around a couple of blocks scanning for area to park only to find out that is full. The Car park monitoring system is a simple project design to monitor and provide visual indicators in a parking lot for availability of parking space with the use of logic gates AND (74HC21PW) and Inverter (74HC3G04DC) gates.

The system was design for a small parking lot like a 16 parking spaces, the Led L1 to L16 represents the parking space indicator which will turn green if vacant and off if occupied. The parking spaced are separated by block, every block has a red indicator if its full or not represented by led LA, LB, LC, and LD. The block indicator will turn red (on) if all available parking space are occupied and remains off if there are still available space. The indicator LF0 (green indicator) and LF1 (Red indicator) for "AVAILABLE" and "FULL" respectively. If all blocks were turned on (red) then the LF1 (Red indicator will turn on and Green indicator turns off and vice versa).

The switch can be a car park sensor, which senses if a car was parked or vacant. It can also be just a manual switch that relies on manual switching and human eyes or CCTV camera to manually determine cars parked in its vicinity. There are already existing car park system using automated system or microcontrollers, the design can be used by small parking lot business or commercial establishment to display outside their parking lot using logic circuits.



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