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  • Simple Digital Barometer

  • Created: Mar 09, 2015

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The digital barometer reading is a new concept that replaces traditional analog barometer . A barometer is an integral part of meteorology in order to measure climatic pressure. Pressure tendency can forecast transient changes in the climate. Various estimations of air pressure are utilized within surface climate analysis to help discover surface troughs, high pressure frameworks and frontal limits. It has digitized pressure and temperature information together with programmed calibration coefficients for host microcontroller use.

The circuit uses a Freescale MPL115A1 which is an absolute pressure sensor with a digital SPI output targeting low cost applications. A miniature 5 x 3 x 1.2 mm LGA package is ideally suited for the space constrained requirements of portable electronic devices. Low current consumptions of 5μA during active mode and 1μA during shutdown (Sleep) mode are essential when focusing on low-power applications. The wide operating temperature range spans from -40°C to +105°C to fit demanding environment conditions. The 1μF decoupling capacitor is used for main internal regulation and noise protection.

The digital barometer can be used successfully for aviation, professional meteorology, and for demanding industrial pressure measurement applications such as accurate laser interferometric measurement and exhaust gas analysis in engine test benches.



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