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  • Simple IR Remote Control Tester

  • Created: Sep 17, 2014

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Appliances nowadays are mostly controlled by IR (Infra-red) remote control device. These devices are frequently used, and since it is handy, it is also prone to damages like dropping, getting wet, or busted electronic components.

IR remote control device operates on IR light frequency that is not visible for our naked eye; thus, we need another device to sense IR light. Simply point the IR remote control to this device and press any button and the remote control will transmit a signal through IR light; the device reacts if a light will be detected and lights the LED indicator ON.

This project uses BP103 phototransistor to detect the IR frequency of the IR remote control. Based on the circuit configuration, when the BP103 detects a light, it will be biased and acts as NPN transistor. The BC558 PNP transistor on the output’s side of the circuit will biased turning the LED indicator ON. A variable resistor is used to adjust the sensitivity of the sensor.



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